Link to Suncraft Sky!

Suncraft Sky! is Suncraft Energy’s web-based remote monitoring and access portal. This portal enables users to obtain historical and live information on GPRS/GSM enabled solar products and systems manufactured by Suncraft Energy via the internet.

Suncraft Sky!’s remote monitoring portal is a web-based tool for monitoring and analyzing the performance of Suncraft’s solar inverters (or PCUs) in photovoltaic (PV) power plants, SEMUs and other products. It is especially suitable for monitoring the performance of PV systems in commercial and industrial solar power plants. From one centralized tool, Suncraft Sky! enables the customer to obtain detailed views and reports of the complete installed base of Suncraft solar inverters.

Suncraft Sky! also gives easy access to fault and warning data. It is possible to set up the portal to send automatic email or SMS notifications in the case of failure, including the loss of connection.


Please contact us to enable Suncraft Sky! on your systems and products.

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